Wednesday, July 20, 2005

When I moved to public school and parent/teacher conferences started happening, what they always told my mom was that I was a good student but that I wouldn't ask for help.
The same comment showed up on my six-month review at work back in April. There are some things, you know, that never change.

Saturday nights are hardest for me because they lead to Sunday mornings. There are reasons beyond my deep and abiding love of my bed that I tend to sleep through Sunday mornings--and if I ever end up with a roommate again, it will largely be to save me from them.

I will be out of the office tomorrow, shopping and walking and generally not being at work. It has been a very difficult couple of week. I spoke to my mother yesterday, and she let me know that my grandma isn't doing well, that she's sick and depressed and not good. I called grandma (to thank her for all the articles on Asian bird flu), and told her that she had better be taking care of herself because her daughter will tell on her to me. One of the many wonderful things about my job and my coworkers is that they understand that I am overwhelmed and need some time that is specifically a break. My piles of work will still be here on Friday. In fact, they’ll probably be higher.

What will be best for me will be to sit in the sun and read e e cummings to the squirrels--I shall above all things be glad and young.

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