Tuesday, July 26, 2005

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A message from my brother today went, "Yeah, I hated the end of the new Harry Potter book...and I got contacts. Bye."

I believe that I have pretty much stopped sleeping altogether, pausing only to hallucinate lightly around 3 or 4 am. It is yet again likely for the best that I live alone, because little is more irritating than trying to sleep next to someone who can't. Especially when that someone who can't is me, because I am a vindictive insomniac. Nobody is sleeping if I'm not sleeping.

What all of the not sleeping provides, though, is a complete lack of excuses for not staying out way too late. So last night we headed out to see two shows: Chris and the drummer. And I have to tell you guys, my buddy Chris knows his way around a saxophone. The drummer, who is surprisingly endearing and just as cute when I'm sober as he was when I was drunk, had been made to wait a lot longer to play than I suppose they had intended. Still and all, though, we were entertained and a good time was had by all.

The countdown to China has begun, as I get on an airplane in 17 days. Anais Nin, when she heard that we were sending men to the moon, wrote that she was not overly impressed because man has so much farther to go within himself. And this is true. I am so nervous about getting there, but I think that what will be good for me right now will be to land somewhere that I don't speak the language. I'll spend my time with a girl I haven't seen in two years and a boy I've never met, and if I'm incredibly lucky and observant I might come back having made a baby step toward something important. And that's just the sort of adventure I need.

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