Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I was at the drugstore tonight perusing hair products when I noticed an elderly gentleman looking at me funny. I smiled at him and went back to my shopping, and he lowered his eyebrows and walked off into the next aisle.
A minute or two later I heard him come back, this time with his wife. He muttered something to her and pointed at me, and I stood facing them, uncertain, in the aisle. Did I know them? The lady walked a little closer and I realized she was staring at my shirt. "World's...Best...Grandma?" She sounded confused. "You can't be a grandma."
This is the sort of reaction you expect to get when you're a girl that looks fourteen and you're wearing a shirt that says 'World's Best Grandma.' And yet even though I expect it, I still never know how to answer it.
"No, but I might be someday," was my answer. "Besides, I have the world's best grandma, so that has to count for something."
She nodded at me and patted my arm--I'm pretty sure I was no longer on her mind. Her husband smiled and looked a little confused, leaning back to give me room to move past him down the aisle.

(By the way, the sleeves of my sweater had the word 'Hooch' embroidered on them. It's the brand of the sweater and wasn't meant to be a comment, but it amused me anyway.)

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