Monday, January 01, 2007

Dear 2007,

Hello and welcome! My name is samantha, and I am very glad to meet you.

When you arrived last night I was drinking champagne with my favorite Josh and the charming Maarten. I had been a little wary of the party, because I don't do well with rooms full of strangers, but it turned out that after enough drinking and general tomfoolery I ended up having a really good time. Many different types of things were imbibed, trips to the photo booth were made, and we eventually made our way to the 5 Point at an indecent hour for things that were fried. I haven't stayed out until almost dawn in a very long time and now I've done it twice in one weekend.

2007, I find you very interesting so far.

Your predecessor, 2006, was for me a year of distancing, of healing from 2005 and all the years before. And though parts of it were bad--the deaths of Jeremy and John, for example, and the troubles with my failing grandmothers--I feel more and more myself, more confident in my own skin. I'm not so scared anymore, and I hope that once I stop being scared I can start being brave. So I really spent most of 2006 talking myself out of corners and trying to hurt as few feelings as possible. And I got what I wanted out of the year: new friends and old ones, monkeys, flowers, adventures, miracles, epiphanies and heartbreaks. I had my wisdom teeth out, went to Nashville and hung out with Ryan, visited Boston. I was sad and restless and inexplicably popular. And I wrote it all down, even if sometimes in code, and while it is sometimes embarrassing to have a detailed record of my behavior I feel like it would be worse not to.

What I want from you, 2007, is more of the same. I'm learning how not to take things so tragically but I could use a little help on your end. I'd like more monkeys and flowers and adventures and recipes, enough rain for effective frog rain boot usage, smiles to bottle up and save for later. I want six epiphanies, at least thirteen perfect moments, and one sunburn to keep me grumpy.

I want to learn to be brave enough to be bold, to be a girl that people can be proud of. To be worth all of the attention that I get.

So lets strike a compromise, 2007. I'll try to go easy on you, to spend you doing worthwhile things, if you agree to do the same for me. Deal?



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