Monday, January 29, 2007

I was reading today about a sort of parasite called Sacculina that takes over crabs. What it does, this little barnacle, is wander over a crab until it finds a joint, at which point it injects itself into the creature. It then wraps itself around the crab's eyestalks and legs and grows until part of it peeks out from under the little guy's shell.
At this point, the Sacculina takes over completely, steering the crab around and occasionally making a boy crab look like a girl crab.

I just thought you should know.

Yesterday I met a very nice old dog with an equally nice old man walking it. We had a brief conversation that seemed to speak directly to another discussion I had had only moments before, and talking to TMS tonight he wondered how it is that I keep getting the answers I need from the world around me. I told him just what I've said before, that we have made ourselves a world of metaphors which are always revealing themselves if we pay close enough attention. That it's all a matter of looking, and looking is what I do. It's not a secret. I've been lost in this driveway before.

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