Sunday, March 12, 2006

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Y'all? I'm not kidding. Jungle.

I've had way too much to drink this evening to try and put something meaningful together, but after I got settled Mike and I headed downtown for fried catfish and ribs and beer. A few hours (and a whiskey) later, we found ourselves at an actual honkey tonk, which was pretty much a lot of fun. I want to open a honkey tonk in Seattle, all Rockabilly.
Then we came back and grabbed our drink tickets for the opening reception, and we kept drinking. I've got a southern accent that won't quit, which is terrible 'cause I spent so many years pretending I didn't have one.

Mike rented a PT cruiser, and we got lost in what may have been the projects. The ride home consisted of a lot of cursing at the under construction roads, as well as Mike occasionally crowing, "Bring it, bitches!" The rest of the week might actually contain such things as a hockey game.

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