Monday, January 08, 2007

Meet me at the corner between there and here. I'll be holding my hands cupped together as though hidden in the soft folds of my palm is a secret, something small and bright and only to be shared just then. Like grains of sand that could be talked into giving up a wealth of smoke signals and soft touches, whatever I have concealed in my hands could change everything.


I am always awkward and that particular corner makes my heart pound and my mouth run. But for the duration of this fantasy we will pretend that that is not so, that I am capable of completing sentences in sequence and do not need a haircut and five really deep breaths. That I do not put too much stake in plans I have yet to formulate. Pretend that this is a costume party and I am only playing the part of the fool.

Only I'm thinking in terms of adventure, now, in terms of gathering up all of the pieces that are more lost than others and turning them into a new skin. Thinking of folding opportunity up and keeping it in my back pocket in case I need it.

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