Thursday, December 29, 2005

So it looks as though I'll be having my wisdom teeth out on the 6th of January--because nothing says 'starting the New Year off right' like a little facial surgery. If anyone would like to come by and bring me milkshakes/make sure I haven't choked to death on a mouthful of blood, I'd appreciate it.

This will in no way stop me from going to see The Helio Sequence on Thursday night.

I've always been fond of the phrase "post no bills," ever since I read it in Kerouac's "Have you ever seen anyone like Cody Pomeray?" That was before I knew what it meant, before I had been to New York City and seen the words everywhere. They tasted good, those words.

My stepmother let me know today that my other grandmother has been deposited in a nursing home. This is apparently a bad time to be my grandmother, so you should all be glad that you aren't.

The plan for New Years is currently a vague one involving a masquerade at someone's house. I acquired a mask today, a black butterfly one, and so now have to decide on the wardrobe. Sadly, the new black slouchy boots will probably not be here in time.

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