Sunday, December 04, 2005

I'm pretty sure that I was not made to be so social.

Friday we had our office Christmas party, out in...somewhere in the suburbs. We all left the office at two and headed out to Stepford, where we proceeded to get drunk, have a rowdy White Elephant, and karaoke. After that, I was off to the Land of Uncomfortable Situations, also known as my bar with a friend, the girl he's not supposed to be sleeping with, and his new semi-girlfriend.
I told terrible jokes and made elaborate hand motions. This did exactly nothing to dispel the tension.

After the ribbon cutting ceremony at my new park, I headed up to Greenwood for the Space Co. grand opening. I had intended to be there from 1:30 - 4:30, but the place was insane and all hands were so very much needed on deck. By the time we closed everything down around 6:30, we were all starving, so everyone walked one storefront over to the Pig n Whistle for some dinner and drinks. I met so many incredibly cool people, including Dave Eggers himself.
Then! I met Steph downtown for the last show of RENT. Which made my cry, but not a one of us should be surprised by that.

And so today I slept until one, and I plan on spending the day not answering my phone or the door and maybe making the Christmas tree. I'm beat, still sick, and need to regroup before the incredibly busy week that I've got planned. I also need to order Christmas presents and start with the Christmas cards.

Maybe it's just time to go back to bed.

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