Friday, December 09, 2005

At some point this afternoon someone must have slipped crack into my fruit juice, because I all of a sudden decided to be a pirate. This involved a lot of running into Michael's office and "Yarrr!"ing at him, but then I would immediately forget that I was a pirate and be a ninja, karate chopping him in the head.
This is somewhat unusual workplace behavior for me. Possibly a great big mint mocha is not what I ought to be drinking in the middle of the afternoon.

"This is my friend samantha. She knows 20 different ways to open a beer bottle on a car, owns a large selection of cocktail dresses, and has a smokin' ass."
"Uh, dude? I'm a person, not a lifestyle accessory."

Tonight there will be "A Tap Dance Christmas Carol" with ladies, with a possible Persian dance party down in SoDo. Tomorrow I'm at the space store in the early afternoon and then at Tweefest, with a possible layover at Phil's house for the Christmas party. Sunday = Narnia.

I will do my best to karate chop no more people today.

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