Saturday, December 31, 2005

John and I have been joking for months about buying him tight pants in celebration of his newly-divorced-and-on-the-prowl status. Yesterday, we left the office a few hours early and went about doing that. Along the way we discussed just how he ought to break up with his girlfriend so he'll be free to pursue this other lady that he hasn't spoken to in five years.
With friends like John, I don't need to watch tv.

Later, I met up with Josh at Chop Suey for Sean Nelson's Anti-New Years hijinks. Some bits were fantastic and some of it was pretty lame, but my favorite part is always Sean Nelson's hair. (And, honestly, if anti-new years involves hanging out with a really cute guy and listening to live music while new years itself involves a room full of people I don't know wearing masks, I think anti-new years wins.)

The reason I'm awake already this morning is because there was a couch caper, in which I became the owner of AJ's comfy green couch and John subsequently acquired my ripped yucky brown one. This worked out well for everyone, and took up about a half an hour of the too-early morning. Shortly I'll be off to space.

Happy new year, everyone!

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