Saturday, December 24, 2005

I have been sick, sick, sick, which has not in any way stopped me from doing things like going out and to work and in other ways spreading germs.
Man, I wish I had some apple juice.

Mike and I left the office early yesterday to go buy more Christmas presents for his girlfriend. While we were at the Sears auto center I was harassing him about giving her a battery-operated tire inflater to go with her super-expensive Louis Vuitton purse (two thumbs down to LV, stuff is awful). He stepped on my foot and told me, "Well, it's for her safety!"
It was sort of cute, so I had to stop being mean.

I went to the last show at the Empty Space in Fremont, which'll be moving to First Hill in January. As it turned out, the writer/director was filling in for a sick actor. I made friends with the people sitting on either side of me--I was there alone--and we all agreed that the show was great. Seriously. They name-checked the Still Life Cafe, did a RENT parody called "Kent" that involved a song called "La Vie Boeing", and made fun of "Mama Mia!". I think I'm in love--I've found my new Christmas tradition.

Waiting at the bus stop, a man paused and asked me why I was standing "bareheaded" in the rain, as though we were in 1907 Boston rather than almost-2006 Fremont. I love this town.

I'm off to the space store shortly, and then I plan to be home until it's time for Carolyn and myself to go to the movies tomorrow afternoon.

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