Friday, December 16, 2005

I volunteered at the ballet last night, and for my troubles found myself in the fourth row center for the Nutcracker. It was somewhere beyond amazing.
Also amazing was the 4-layer chocolate cake at Broadway Grill afterwards.

Jude has been awarded a teaching fellowship, and will be unleashed on the freshmen of Boston College shortly. Hooray for Jude! I shall purchase you a celebratory adult beverage when I'm out there in March.

My favorite things:

1. Kissing
2. Books
3. Frost on the flowers in the morning
4. Bare feet + grass + sun
5. Road trips

My stepmother sent me this year's family picture, and the older of my brothers looks like an extra from "Almost Famous." His hair is very 70's. We actually have pretty close to the same haircut again.

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