Saturday, June 11, 2005

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It was raining while I waited for the bus tonight, and the breeze occasionally blew a spray of drops into the shelter I huddled under. It was cold, and I had my headphones in and everything in the world on my mind, so I didn't notice the two guys that walked up until they stood in front of me and waved. They asked the time and I gave it to them, then went back to listening to tonight's soundtrack. I watched while one of them, for some reason, lifted the other onto his shoulders and paraded up and down the sidewalk. The bus pulled up and stopped, and just then two girls ran across the street in front of it, in formal dresses and fancy hair, shrieking. I realized just then that I wanted out of this Twin Peaks episode.

Inside my apartment are walls and mounds of thoughts from the two nights this week that I spent whispering for hours into the telephone. I simply cannot deal with what's in those piles and so I'm tiptoeing around my house, trying not to stub my toe on anything that I should not be feeling.

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