Tuesday, June 21, 2005

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I'm still pretty wrecked from spending the last five days hearing all about how I suck, about how myself and all of the things that I'm interested in are stupid or boring or pretentious. My father has always been brilliant at destructing my self esteem and then retreating to his personal high ground claiming that he's not responsible for how people feel. He didn't have a single nice thing to say about anything the whole time he was here.

A voicemail from my mother this afternoon informed me that my Auntie Grace is in the hospital with congestive heart failure. She's my grandmother's sister, the woman who looks so much like the wicked witch of the west that she scares children. She's evidently not likely to come back out of the hospital, and this is going to devastate my grandma.

On the up side, I officially have tickets to China for the 11th-22nd of August (and to Beck at the Paramount next month), and someone sent me a naked anatomically correct plastic man with a parachute in the mail today. I'll just repeat that: a naked anatomically correct plastic man with a parachute. In the mail. Actually, I guess he's wearing boots and a helmet, so he's not entirely naked. Nevertheless, it's pretty darn entertaining. I don't know who sent it or why, but thanks!

I'm leaving town first thing in the morning for a conference, which will be good for me. I'll be back Sunday, and then I demand fun for the next month. Drinking, drag shows, and dancing will all be had.

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