Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm starting to get over-excited about my trip to China, only a little prematurely because while I don't have airplane tickets yet, the travel agent at my office is working on it. And that's close enough. I've always wanted to go places but have only now found myself in a position where travel is a possibility--so now I'm impatient to go somewhere, already. And so I've been spending an awful lot of time the last few days fondling maps of China, mumbling things like, "Well, Beijing isn't that far from Mongolia, and I've always wanted to go to Mongolia..." (That, by the way, is true, and not just one of those things I tend to say when I get excited, which is just about everything.) I encourage you all to move to far-flung sections of the world so that I can visit you and never settle down anywhere. Ever.
Honestly, I'm just so tired of everything that my teeth hurt. A vacation will do me good, but in the meantime I plan to be insufferable for the next two months. Don't say I didn't warn you.

My family will be in town next weekend and then as soon as they leave I'm gone for a business trip, but until then I've found myself with an abundance of free time for once. Come over! We'll go down the street and drink three pitchers of beer and rejoice in the fact that for the time being we've managed to escape ourselves while the cigar store Indian scowls at us from the corner. I'll let you win at pool and we'll seriously discuss going to get matching tattoos, and then we'll go down to the water and pretend that there are lightning bugs for catching. We'll give each other nicknames.

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