Saturday, June 25, 2005

I wormed my way onto a set of earlier flights this afternoon and now I'm home, four hours earlier than expected. It's so nice to be home.
The conference went amazingly, less because of the conference itself--which was a lot of sitting in cold rooms watching PowerPoint presentations--and more because my coworkers are amazing. We spent the last few days drinking (way) too much tequila and staying up until 2 am and generally behaving unprofessionally. Indiana is likely still confused.
It's been interesting being back around my coworkers after having spent so much time with my family, because no matter how much I may doubt myself as an individual I am a career rockstar.
(As a totally unrelated aside, I have to go see The Fantastic Four sometime soon because my ex boyfriend worked on it and his name is in the credits. If anyone would like to join me let me know, and if you see it without me I encourage you to stay through the credits so that you can ponder the fact that I seriously considered moving to LA and marrying one of those names, right up until I came to my senses.)
I made lots of new friends and I'll tell you all about what I saw later, but right now I am craving sushi (something I've never said in my life before) and weighing the relative merits of hanging around on my couch in my underwear and calling my friends to see what sort of things might be going on tonight.
Man. If I could have sushi while hanging around on my couch in my underwear, I'd be the happiest girl on the planet. Where is a houseboy when I need one?

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