Sunday, February 27, 2005

Our favorite thing to do during my seventh grade English class was to get a copy of the latest weekly and match the personal ads up. Josh and I were especially fond of this game, hunching over the tiny print and whispering excitedly.
"Ooh! This one likes long walks! And so does he! Matched!"
We were practically made of exclamation points, enthusiasm, and romance. We were always on the lookout for a doorway into a story book, and we believed in fairy tales.

This is still a habit of mine, although I tend to do it online these days. Sometimes at work when I'm having a rest or waiting for a budget, I'll hop onto Craigslist and match folks up. Occasionally, I'll also have a peek at the missed connections. I still believe in fairy tales, and I like the idea of these people tossing out so many messages in bottles every day. It helps me continue to believe in hope, and in romance, and in exclamation points. And now and again, I'll wonder if anyone is out there missing connections with me.

But you know what? This weekend someone did.

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