Sunday, February 13, 2005

Some things:

1. I bought those shoes up there today. They are bright red and impractical and totally worth building a wardrobe around. They make my heart beat a little faster every time I look at them, and I think we might be in love. Now if only we could hurry past this stage where they give me blisters. (Yes, I did take that picture with my feet up on the living room wall. What? I was getting tired of taking pictures of stuff on my ugly carpet.)

2. My little brother broke his foot, because he is my brother and we are clumsy folk. It still just kills me, though, whenever they really hurt themselves. I'd do whatever I could to keep them from pain of all sorts, unless it's the kind that I inflict.

3. If anyone wants to buy me a Mark Ryden piece for my birthday, you have a few months to start saving up. This show was the first time I've had the chance to look at his work in person, and I'm even more in awe than ever.

4. I hate answering emails. And telephone calls. If it were up to me we'd all communicate via letters and smoke signals.

5. I find it likely that my plumeria will bloom this year.

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