Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I had intended, yesterday, to come home and tell you all about how you were not going to be getting any grumpy anti-Valentine's Day posts from me. There are no hard feelings between myself and the day, which I like so much just because of the goofy spectacle it has turned into. I believe in love, I really, really do, even if it's not at the moment sitting on my couch doing a crossword puzzle. I'm a satisfied single girl--a busy, hopeful single girl. Valentine's Day and I, we're cool with each other in and out of relationships.
And I had planned to tell you all about this in excessive detail. But first I was going to go have a couple of beers and a few games of pool with some friends. And that's where plans went awry. By the time I stumbled in at 4 a.m. I was no longer in the mood to talk about any of this.
In case you were wondering, the traffic here skyrocketed yesterday from all of the people searching for things like 'kissing lessons.' I love that.
I'm not going to tell you about what happened last night, because honestly I'm still not believing what I remember. I've been saying the phrase "Did I really...?" a lot today, and so far the answer has been yes. I really did. But I will tell you that while I've had more romantic Valentine's Days (last year springs to mind), I don't know that I've had one that was more fun.
Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here.

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