Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I have recently found myself spending way too much time thinking about earthworms.
I walk to work some mornings, if I've just missed the bus or the morning is particularly sparkly or if I happen to hear a song that makes me want to stroll. Recently, the weather has been lovely and sunny and it's felt like spring is here. And so often on my morning walk I find dozens of thin little earthworms strung along the sidewalk. I say hello to them, of course, but I don't have the heart to let them know that it's only just March and that anything could still happen. But once I get to work I imagine the guilt that I'll feel if it suddenly gets cold and snowstormy, knowing that I didn't at least give warning.
I try to shake myself for anthropomorphosizing so entirely, but it's hard to firmly grasp my own shoulders. So instead I just worry.

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