Friday, February 25, 2005

I left work a little bit early today. All afternoon I'd been waffling back and forth between leaving early and staying late, but then my mom called and told me that I sounded like I was coming down with something and should go home. As I've always done whenever it's convenient, I listened to my mommy. I presented myself to my coworkers with, "my mommy said I should go home early, so I'm leaving," and then I gathered my stuff together for a leisurely stroll home.
I may be coming down with something. I've been feeling a little under the weather lately, along with being a little grumpy and a little blue. It's seemed like everything has been in 3-D and I've forgotten my red and blue 3-D glasses in the glove box. Walking home would be just what the doctor--or, anyway, my mother--had ordered.

I pressed the button for the elevator and waited. I play this game, waiting for the elevators at work, where I listen to the beeps and try to guess which of three sets of doors are going to open. Today, the elevator that came to get me was the farthest one down.
Inside, that elevator was padded, head to toe, with a little cut out around the buttons and the screen showing the floor's number. It's not usually padded, but after the week this has been, I'm not entirely surprised. The doors slid shut and I slumped back on the soft walls and sighed. Someone must be looking out for me.

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