Thursday, May 27, 2004

The thing about spam emails with only one word in the subject line is that I always want to open them. I know that logically, even though it may claim to be about "signature" or "can" or "chieftain," what it's really about is making the nearest penis bigger or refinancing the nearest mortgage. But I'm always paused by the little voice down in the left corner of my head right behind my ear that wonders if it's a secret message.

In the book of children's poems called When We Were Very Young, there's a poem called 'Halfway Down.' As tempted as I may be to quote it for you I won't, because all you really need to know is that it's about a particular stair halfway down that, because it's precisely halfway, isn't anywhere in particular. I was always enchanted by that stair. It was a secret land that I could get to if I could only find the right staircase, and in that secret land no one could get to me. Anyway, the point is that I occasionally get the feeling that all I'm still doing is looking for that stair to sit on, and when I find it I will disappear.

And so what worries me about my constant discarding of spam emails with one word subjects is that I might be missing directions to my stair.

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