Monday, May 10, 2004

If I am to give a speech at the wedding, I must mention:

That Sarah nearly drove off the road during the song "Jesse's Girl" before they were officially together
Stubble in Jesse's drink
The elaborate preparations Jesse went through in order to tell Sarah he loved her (but not that it rained)
Road flares
That Jesse made all of our boyfriends look like chumps because he was -so romantic-, but that we were secretly all glad that they weren't since only a superhuman like Sarah could live up to it
Wasabi-covered peas
That I know where the honeymoon is and Sarah doesn't

I must not mention:
Jesse's chest hair or nipple piercings
That he lived with us and sometimes wears eyeliner
David Duchovney
Lord of the Flies, the musical or the Count of Monte Cristo drinking game
That time I almost had to bail Jesse out of jail and the little tart that caused it all
Where the honeymoon is.

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