Monday, May 31, 2004

Driving home down I-5 in the dark, the radio is tuned to a small ballad from the early 40's. It doesn't fill the car completely and so I have to strain a bit to hear it, but even with the strain the sounds are haunting. I am reminded of the twilight zone, of the one with the boy named Anthony who could get whatever he wanted. In the end of that one, you know, the nice lady somehow (my memory is fuzzed) convinces him to stop being evil and they drive away in her car. Behind them on the sides of the road the landscape sweeps into color: Anthony has made the flowers bloom.
It's this part of the episode that our drive reminds me of. We crest a hill and the Seattle skyline comes into view, a sight that never gets old, and I don't even need to look back to know that the hillsides are covered with flowers.

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