Thursday, May 27, 2004

I went by the new library tonight to check it out and take some pictures. While it's true that I am personally not a library fan, I am all for libraries as a concept and, moreover, for other people. Besides, if it's the most important building in a generation, why, I'd be both a chump and a bad art history student to not check it out.
Turns out, I couldn't get in. (First, I misplaced it, so I had to walk an extra two blocks uphill and, me being out of shape and all, that sucked.) The doors were all locked and the building was mostly empty. Now, I know what you're thinking, but it was not after closing time and I was not the only one trying to get in and failing. There were a bunch of police inside and at the front door a lady saw me and came over to leave, I thought, but she was just checking to make sure the door was locked. So I don't have much, but here's what I have for you:

The fountain already has coins and dead flowers and junk in it, so that's all normal.

There is, in fact, a library there.

It looks pretty freaking neat, no matter how much I'd like to dislike it.

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