Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The first time I saw these guys was in June or July. There were two of them, gigantic, right underneath the I-5 overpass coming back over the University Bridge. I tried and tried to get a picture of them but my old camera, the Vivitar, wasn't good enough quality to zoom that far. Then it appeared in one of the blogger's pictures of the huge ColdK, in his eyes.
But on Saturday I found this. We were on our way to the market, waiting to cross at First and Pine. I looked down to my side, at the trashcan, and there it was. Without thinking I picked it up. It was slightly damp and the sides wanted to splinter in my fingers. My friends jumped back, concerned that I was picking things up from trashcans. But I dropped it neatly into my purse and started babbling out the history of my graffiti watching in my excitement.
It's almost like the holy grail.

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