Thursday, May 06, 2004

My best friend reveals a previously unknown, kinkily sadistic facet of her personality just weeks before her wedding:

Sarah: Oh yeah, and Rockne said to tell you hi.
Samantha: Oooo, Rockne. I would have given my liver to have my way with him in the library once upon a time.
Sarah: Your liver?
Samantha: Well, someone's.
Sarah: Samantha and Rockne, in the library, with the rope? snicker
Samantha: With Tom Toast.
Sarah: giggling Hey, that reminds me; remember that time Amanda dared me to say her name in the heat of passion?
Samantha: I remember hearing about it later...
Sarah: Well, Jesse and I were talking about it the other day.
Samantha: I imagine Jesse was thrilled.
Sarah: Not so much. Well, I asked him what he would have done if I had said a boy's name instead of a girl's.
Samantha: And?
Sarah: He said, "cried."
Samantha: And rightly so.
Sarah: So I've been thinking about trying it...
Samantha: Aren't you supposed to remain pure and virginal and without thoughts of another man, even an imaginary one, until after the honeymoon?
Sarah: Well, probably...but wouldn't that be the funniest thing?

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