Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Warm blackberries is my favorite smell of the year. They cut back the bramble I walk past every day in the winter, so the smell isn't so immediate, so intimate. Still terrific, though.

I've been doing this awesome thing lately where I go to sleep around 2 and wake up around 6, brain all fast running and loud. I'll manage to doze fitfully for the next few hours, but I have been sandy-eyed and slow moving for the past few days. The lack of sleep does nothing for my disposition, which has already lately been sour, and I am tempted to revisit the hydrocodone left in my medicine cabinet from my throat infection. I don't take them generally because they make me dizzy, but then, with any luck I won't be sleepwalking anyway.

I keep having a dream in which it is the 4th of July but the country mistakenly celebrated on the 4th of June, so no one is having a barbecue and there are no fireworks and everyone is at work. This dream stresses me out each time. It appears that I have a lot of feelings invested in barbecues and fireworks.

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