Monday, August 18, 2008

I have talked about this before, somewhere, but it is a weird thing to be a part of someone's art show. It's also a terribly flattering thing, humbling, but for someone as self-conscious about their big muppet head as I am, it's bizarre.

I hang out with a lot of very talented artists, so I have done this before, but it adds a whole new dimension of weird when it's up in a place that I hang out at all the time. It's already strange that people are looking at you as an art object, when all you can do is stand there and be appalled at just how pointy your face is. It's hard to distance yourself from being self conscious, as long as by 'yourself' you mean 'myself'. Being recognized for being on the wall in the other room is, actually, only slightly less disconcerting than being recognized for writing this website. That one still freaks me out a little bit too, in an awesome, awesome way. Anyway, it's like entering some strange new world to be standing in one room drinking while people are in two entirely different rooms looking at you. I'm sure that some people are accustomed to this sort of thing, but I am not one of them. (Our family portrait doesn't count, since everyone is in that.)

Regardless, I will be on the wall for the next two weeks in my amazing friend's show at my other amazing friends' gallery. It's awkward, but mostly it's all pretty rad. I'm an awfully lucky girl.

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