Tuesday, October 18, 2005

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Now is the part where I admit to all of you that I finally saw my first episode of "The Daily Show" at our hotel in Leavenworth last night. What? I mean it when I say I'm not a tv watching sort of girl.

Leavenworth was not my office, which was pretty much the point of going. Oh sure, it was pretty and kitschy and odd, but also it was Out of Town, which is where I wanted to be. The man at the hotel said that there would be salmon, and they would be almost as big as me, but there were no salmon. Except that's a lie, because there were salmon, they just weren't as big as me and were also mostly dead.
But man, those trees. Trees and trees and trees.

I also mean it when I say that all I need is air in the spare. I have always been a fan of road-based adventures. I can't resist them.

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