Friday, October 07, 2005

I had just walked out of my office and was deciding what song to start the walk home with when a large German shepherd ran up, checked out my bright green shoes, and looked up at me like we had plans and it was sorry it was late. I looked down and asked it, "What do you think would be good today? 'Down Like Disco?' Do you like the new Dandy album?" It sat down, so I nodded and selected the song.
She was very well cared for, very pretty and well-fed, but she had no collar on. I reached down to pet her while I scanned the vicinity for potential owners, and was rewarded with a little lick on the hand. I couldn't see anyone, so I looked down into her serious brown eyes and asked where she'd come from; she responded by putting her paw on my knee and her nose against mine.
We were obviously best friends.
Just then I heard running, and looked up to see a little girl and a very red-faced man in a suit coming around the corner. The girl held a leash with a collar attached to it in her hand. He apologized, explained that the dog had run out of the car when he opened the door, that the collar had apparently not been closed right. At the sight of them the dog had jumped up and wagged her tail three or four times. It appeared that they knew each other, so I gave her a pat on the head and asked the little girl what the dog's name was. She answered, "Graciemonkey," and the dog trotted over to her. I nodded, said, "Nice to meet you, Graciemonkey," and the dad thanked me while I put my headphones in and started home.

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