Tuesday, October 25, 2005

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I just got home from work and man, does it smell like pumpkin in here.

So it turns out that if you combine about twenty people and pumpkin carving in one small one-bedroom apartment, what you get is lunacy. Total pumpkin-y chaos. And, you know, awesomeness. (Final attendee list is: Jean and Michael, Steph and Ryan, Phil, Jeff, Julie, Natasha, Cat, Manuel, Rod, Clare, Fester, Adam, John, Caroline and Chris, Dylan, Tara and Ryan and Gracie the supercute happy puppy. Holy geez, did I forget anyone? Stace, you were missed.)

Whoever put my strainer on top of the cabinets is so fired. Anyone tall that would like to come and fetch it is welcome, because even standing in a chair I can't reach.

I'm either going to have to move to a bigger apartment for next year or y'all are going to have to become really good friends so that you can sit on each other's laps.

I've carved pumpkins every year for as long as I can remember, and this year was the most fun so far. Thanks, guys!

Pictures via Manuel, Dylan, and me.

In other brief housekeeping, the trailer for the movie that Pete is currently embarrassed to be working on is here. Says Pete, "It has puppies!"
Well, I guess you don't hang out with samantha for five years without knowing that puppies are all I need out of life.

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