Monday, October 31, 2005

Dear everyone,

Happy Halloween! I was cleverly disguised today as a girl who had a meeting. TMS called to let me know that his costume was "a jaded single guy in his late twenties"--I told him to make sure his tshirt was slightly wrinkled and showing off his tattoo. I hope that at least one of you dressed as a bouquet of roses or a cup of hot chocolate or a happy monster. For me.

Seattle at this time of year is just perfect, with all of the fallen leaves and the rain. Life is recently a little bit busy, and I know that I always say that, but I always mean it. I've spent enough time at the cafe down the street that not only does my barista know my drink, but now they'll also let us finish up my French lesson while they're closing. Do you know how much I love this town? Because I'll tell you if given the slightest chance.

I'm not sure where October went, but from what I can recall it was relatively uneventful. I honestly have to read my own archive to make sure that I'm not missing anything, which is just sort of how things go around here. And well...ok, so Andre Breton said, "Our brains are dulled by the incurable mania of wanting to make the unknown known." I have a point, although I can't seem to get to it, and that point lies somewhere in the fact that what I do here is try and figure out the nooks and crannies that I can't quiet get my fingers into. So don't worry about me.

Or, you know, something.

November doesn't look to be any less eventful, what with all of the happy hours and the shows and Thanksgiving. I'll be cooking for Thanksgiving again this year, in case you'll be in town. I'm already making new year's resolutions for next year, and today I started my second mitten. I'm chugging along. And I (heart) you--promise.


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