Monday, May 23, 2005

Turns out that remembering that I could once do a cartwheel and actually, you know, doing one are two entirely different things. My dignity? Tends to go out the window three or four times a day.

I've been paging through my high school yearbooks, trying to guess who might be showing up at this matrimonial shindig on Saturday. I haven't spoken to Amanda recently, so I'm not positive who of our old crowd she and Jimmie may have tracked down. I'm excited to catch up with whichever of them end up there, and it's no secret that I'm especially thrilled to see that unrequited high school crush.
I am even more thrilled to see my high school crush while I'm wearing my amazing new dress. Not all parts of my brain have managed to become a grownup.

My schedule is a little insane for the next few months, and I'll be in and out of town. I need to organize myself tonight to send the application for my Chinese visa sometime in the next few days. I need to buy plane tickets for two trips and start seriously planning a third. I need to decide how I want to get to the airport on Thursday morning.
My brothers will be here to visit in just a few weeks. I haven't decided if I'm planning any organized outings or not, but if anyone wants to hang out with us, meet them, and make them feel like total rockstars because cool people in Seattle know who they are, let me know. (You could also try and make them feel guilty for how much their poor sister worries about them.)

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