Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The woman in front of me in line is ordering ice cream. She and the lady behind the counter are communicating off to the side of each other: she wants the largest size and the lady keeps waving the smallest cup at her. I'm impressed that it's so cold and she's ordering ice cream.
I'm always talking to strangers, and so finally I can't hold it in anymore and say, "That's pretty brave."
She smiles at me. One of her gloves is off and the other is on, and she answers, "No, it's like how when you drink coffee in the summer and it cools you down. This will warm me up."
I'm not sure that I believe her, but she seems pretty convinced, and who am I to argue? She turns to leave the counter and I wish her luck. Hands full of ice cream, readying herself for the move from inside to outside, she winks at me.
The woman behind me has given up coffee because it made her sick. She sleeps better now, and feels better, and is happier since she has cut it from her life. I gather my drink and wish her luck also.

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