Sunday, January 16, 2005

Sitting at my computer yesterday afternoon, still in my pajamas, I looked out the window to see something remarkably like snow coming from the sky. In disbelief I ran to the front door to see and, sure enough, it was snowing. Snow was coming from the sky, and I saw it. That's happened to me twice now--more than it has to most of my family.
I immediately completely lost my head and started scampering back and forth between the windows and the door, much like my dog used to do whenever you would jingle her leash as a signal for a walk. If I'd had a tail, I probably would have been chasing it.

Some days, it's awful hard to not, you know, abandon myself to the groove and dance down the streets of Seattle. I love this town. But I keep it reined in because there's really no reason to subject unsuspecting pedestrians to that.

We'd been emailing back and forth for a week, trying to establish a date, time, and place for meeting. It felt a little silly, though at no point did I say anything like "I have red hair and I'll be carrying a white rose." So when I arrived yesterday at the established place and time, I was a little nervous. A quick scan of the room revealed no one that fit the description that I was looking for. The place was packed, so I took myself outside to wait. Man, do I hate waiting.
Things are finally all settled, though, and I'll be starting French lessons again next Monday. Things are looking up.

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