Sunday, January 09, 2005

It finally snowed at my house last night, sometime in the wee sma's while I was sleeping. I've been waiting and waiting, because it's snowed everywhere else except, evidently, right around Lake Union.
I'm usually a 'stay in my pajamas all day' sort of girl, but if there's one way to get me up and dressed, it's snow outside. It snowed once in Florida when I was a kid, in '88 or '89, but I was asleep and my mom didn't wake me up. So this marks the fourth time I've ever seen snow--unless you count the ice rain at a truckstop in Atlanta a few years ago, and I don't.
Now it's melting, and making that lovely rainy noise that rain doesn't make, and the housetops of Queen Anne look like Connecticut, or some other place with trees and snow. I'll be spending most of my day looking outside, waiting for more snow.

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