Monday, January 24, 2005

Dear Internet,

I ought to be off to my French lesson, but first I wanted to share with you all what came in my mail today. When I arrived home this afternoon, this package was leaning against my door:

I can practically hear the mailman going 'well, no one is going to steal that thing,' when he left it on the doorstep, which is of course wrong because I would have stolen it if it wasn't already for me. I knew that this was supposed to be coming, but as it's been nearly a month and things from the UK usually only take five days, I'd given up. There were hints in a letter about an ingenious packing job, but I had no idea. Inside the goldfish wrapping was:

an Adidas box, wrapped in tape with a cardboard tube attached to the end. As soon as I started pulling off the tape, the package started leaking gold glitter. This is not unusual. Letters from my friends are often coated with glitter, but this was an exceptional amount of the stuff. I finally worked my way through all the tape and cardboard and inside I found:

this guy. On a stick. And if there ever were contents of a box designed to make me squeal with glee, it's this. I mean, it's named Sammy the Star and it's made of marshmallow! And -I'm- Sammy the Star and made of marshmallow! It's just so cool I'm beyond words.
I like the mental image of the customs guys x-raying the box, going back and forth, trying to figure out what exactly they were looking at.
My apartment is so sparkly now, you could see it from outer space.

Thanks, Val and Rich! You two are the best.

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