Thursday, November 04, 2004

I'll be spending Christmas this year in North Carolina with my brothers, and I'm beginning to seriously ponder what I'll be giving them. I've always been a big pain of a sister, handing out educational puzzles instead of toys and books instead of video games. But I'm really in earnest this year because I think that now more than ever they need someone who will provide them with ideas that will be censored and smashed to pieces by the new administration.
I'm especially concerned about the oldest, who is almost 13 and a lot like I was at that age: a little too smart, a little too quiet, and a little too prone to being teased and beaten up. I've failed them as a big sister in many respects but I refuse to let them be trampled under a doctrine of fear, hate, and ignorance if I can help it.
So how young is too young for a little Harold and Maude? 'Cause no matter what anyone else says, I still believe that there's a million ways to be, and I think he does too.

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