Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Dear America,

I'm not going to pretend that I'm not disappointed with you. I think that what has just happened is short sighted and misguided. But I kinda had a feeling you'd go and do something like this, so I've been shoring up my optimism since last night. And I'm ready to up again and take another.
We do, after all, have a history in this country of making really huge mistakes and then making a big show of fixing them later. Remember slavery? And how you didn't want women to vote? And how about that time you wanted to make everyone not drink? Boy, did you ever regret those. The rest of the world is still hearing about how you didn't really mean it.
But I can't fault you for that voter turn out. I'm pretty sure that this is one waked up country, and I have to hope that it means that you won't let that man get away with some of the atrocities he plans to commit. I want you to remember, America, that all people are the same species and worthy of the same rights. And remember that we only have one earth, and that it's the place that contains your whole history, so maybe you want to think twice about ruining it for short-term gains.
I can't say what's going to happen next. Maybe Bush will declare himself emperor of the world, start wearing a cape and tights, and declare war on France. Maybe we'll have to smuggle Bordeaux into the country like we have to smuggle absinthe. Maybe we'll all have to grow beards, stop showering, and riot. I'm ready for you, America, and whatever weird stuff you'll throw at me next.
But you should know right now, up front, that if that man tries to touch my uterus, I'll fucking slap him.


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