Monday, November 08, 2004

I bought an iron on Sunday, the first iron I've ever owned myself, and it's time that I admit to the world that I've never, ever ironed anything before. Seriously. We had an ironing board (and, I imagine, an iron) in our St. Augustine house, but no one ever used it so I made it into a Christmas tree.
So tonight, I broke out my new iron because I have this great cream cotton skirt that wrinkles whenever you look at it. This conversation happened:

"Oh look! It's got a dial thingie!"
"That's how you turn it on..."
"How do I put water in it?"
"Lay it down. No, on its side. No, not that side, so it's standing up. See that hole on the top? No, not the handle. Not the dial. On the front? There. You really haven't ever ironed before, have you?"

And oh, my friends, it steams and makes scary noises and makes my clothes flat! And that's so much cooler than I thought it would be.

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