Monday, November 03, 2008

What with tomorrow being election day, and all, I'm feeling constantly a little bit queasy. On top of that, I suddenly find myself deep in some totally unexpected potential-romance angst (resolved), and then there's all of this with my grandfather. So basically, tonight feels like every Christmas morning ever all rolled up in all of the stage fright I've ever had, stuffed into a concrete ball in my stomach. I swear I keep getting the vapors. None of this was what I had in mind when I said I was thinking about giving up No Feelings. Foreign friends keep sending messages of good luck from all over the place, which makes me all wet in the eyes each and every time.

So I guess my plan for tonight is to turn up the tunes, eat a pizza, and figure out something to wear to election night parties, and try not to injure myself while doing any of the above things and staring at the telephone. I'll slip a little booze into some hot chocolate, maybe, watch something in black and white, and hope that by tomorrow at least some of this will be over.

Good luck tomorrow, America.

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