Saturday, November 15, 2008

My favorite sign today was held by a small boy with giant eyes and brown curls. He had clearly made the sign himself, and it read, "Marrie hoo you want." All around us today were families of all kinds, and tons of kids who had made their own signs. This morning my hangover and I walked up the hill to my best gay's apartment and we rallied and then marched under a clear blue sky, because he deserves the same opportunities for joy and misery as I do. It all no longer felt futile and frustrating. It felt essential.

When we reached downtown, at the bottom of the hill, there were people as far ahead of us and as far behind us as we could see. We marched with something more than 6,000 people today, and I will tell you for free that seeing that giant line of people stretched for blocks and blocks and blocks made me all wet in the eyes.

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