Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Italy is just stupidly beautiful. I'm in Venice right now, leaving for Naples tomorrow, although Tuscany nearly killed me with how lovely it was. I keep taking pictures of things even though it feels redundant, going, "Oh, another beautiful scene."

I love Venice, but Venice doesn't seem to love me. It keeps being offended by the fact that I am here alone. It's also unseasonably cold and rainy. On the other hand, I had a risotto last night that had every kind of seafood imaginable in it, and some things I couldn't identify. I would have married it if I could.

I think I'm allergic to something out here--something is giving me a rash on my right hand for days.

Napoli tomorrow, Pompeii and Sorrento, and then home next week. It is disturbingly easy to spend all of this time by myself. I don't really miss the company of others, and it worries me a bit.

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