Thursday, April 03, 2008

I'm taking the same travel journal to Italy that I took to China, and I was paging through it the other day. It starts in complete sentences, in full thoughts, but after a full day of hauling myself back and forth across West Lake, getting lost, and then hauled all over town by an overly-friendly cab driver, everything disintegrated into semi-legible lists.
--Terrible ice cream.
--West Lake fishing frenzy.
--Morning cafe - no iceburge (?). Strawberry milkshake. Dinner: hunk of pork.
--Big ugly bruise.
--Mini towel.

Eventually, the sentences returned, but I forgot how exhausting it is to be in an unfamiliar place. Italy alone in the spring should be a much different experience from China in the summer with a fighting couple, and I'm going to try and write in complete sentences. Or at least legible ones.

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