Tuesday, September 20, 2005

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We took Mike's girlfriend's fancy car out at lunch today, and wound up at a teriyaki place down on Rainier that had bible quotes all over the walls, handwritten in colored felt pen. Underneath this sign was a box for you to put your wishes in.

Ryan came over a while ago to borrow my fencing foil, and then I walked down the street with my bright red pigtails to buy some milk. In the corner store, I overheard the following:

"Well, I thought I was...you know...in whatever with her. But she had this thing she did. And I just, man, I couldn't handle it."

"What sort of thing?"

"Dude, she'd bite her toenails. And it was just fuckin disgusting, you know?"

"Couldn't you have asked her to do it in another room?"

"What? Who's side are you on?"

"Well...no offense, man, but that girl was hot. And you're kinda ugly, know what I'm saying? So what's a little toenail biting when the girl is hot?"

And to that, I say ew.

(Still. Not. Sparkly. Distinctly grouchy. Hoping that making cookies and watching The Princess Bride will make the whole world better again.)

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