Sunday, September 11, 2005

Two of my favorites:

Getting ready to go out for the evening after a day of staying in. Radio up, singing along, piles of discarded outfits on the floor and jewelry on the bathroom counter. Feeling fabulous before I leave is far more important than actually looking fabulous once I get there.

When I wake up and don't remember, for a moment, who or where or what I am. My head feels like a house with all the windows open and it's only then that I can be whomever I want. Eventually, of course, I remember, and that tends to be a bit of a disappointment.

Last nights bands were: The Saturday Knights, The Pale Pacific, Ian Knapp, Tom Brosseau, and 50 Foot Wave. Bonus points to The Pale Pacific for rocking a Billy Joel cover, Tom Brosseau for having a Johnny Cash sing along, and 50 Foot Wave for, you know, Kristin Hersh.

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