Monday, September 05, 2005

And so my first Bumbershoot weekend was largely a success.

Ever since I came back from China I've had this really sharp ache in my shin after a moderate amount of walking. I'm pretty sure my leg is structurally unsound.

Math and Physics Club yesterday were splendid. That makes it twice in as many months that I've seen them and I may be turning into a groupie. It was my solo Bumbershoot day, which meant that I found all sorts of characters. I got cruised by some fellow in the army (just a tip from me to you: the way to make friends with this girl is not to start a conversation by making fun of my boyfriend the Space Needle) and chatted with a guy carrying a vacuum around.
Later, at the EMP Liquid Lounge, Cat got me a birthday shoutout by Key Note Speaker, a band I'd like to see again when my friend isn't getting picked up by another out of state boy.

You guys? The tambourine? I'm serious.

Also yesterday was Open Circle Theatre's "Are We Scared Yet? An Experiment in Child's Play," which was bizarre and splendid and lovely. It's at their theatre for another week, and I'd recommend it if you're as entertained as I am by the strange things kids think up.

And today! The Decemberists with Cat and Caroline. They put on such a good show. Afterwards we found ourselves in a Latin American dance party. You know, like you do.

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