Saturday, September 24, 2005

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Steph and I spent the afternoon in Fremont, wandering and drinking beer, and I'm hard pressed to to think of a better way to have spent my Saturday.

Right before the Pale Pacific set, we decided that nachos would be the thing to keep our buzz from overtaking us. But lordy, there were a lot of nachos, and so I was standing in the crowd holding my leftovers when a guy walked past and asked where I got them from. I offered him my leftovers and he accepted. A little while later he wandered back past again with an almost empty plate. No waste here.

The line for the port-a-potties (not Honeybuckets this time) was mostly women because there was a trough for the men somewhere else. But there was a man in line in front of me, and he ducked into an opening door in front of the woman who was meant to go into it. An angry buzz broke out in the line and another woman stepped forward and shook the toilet that he was in.
The moral here is don't get in between women who have to pee and their receptacles.

A relatively unrelated addition to this post, which didn't really fit over there:

The reasons I've seen The Saturday Knights twice in the last month are:
1. Their EP is all red velvet inside.
2. They look like they're having so much fun.
3. They've actually got a guy playing guitar and occasionally keyboards rather than samples of such.
4. It's almost impossible not to start dancing.
5. A cowbell and a tambourine? Do I need anything more in a band?

The reasons I've seen The Pale Pacific twice in the last month are:
1. We keep ending up in the same place.
2. They occasionally get so distracted rocking out that they run into each other, which just cracks me up.
3. Billy Joel cover.
4. "I'm going to stop talking now. I'm so awkward."
5. Super cute. The bass player is my favorite, but they're all really fun to look at.

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